JRTC (aka Mental Deployment Training Center)

Today my soon-to-be mister left for the Joint Readiness Training Center in Louisiana.  While he drove from Fort Hood to Fort Polk in a military vehicle averaging 45 mph, I spent my day at work thinking that today marks the beginning of my Mental Deployment Training Center.  For the next four weeks I’ll catch up on endless amounts of Breaking Bad, bake semi-healthy cupcakes and plan a pre-deployment trip for Zach and I.

As almost every military girl knows, when you and your beau are apart for anytime longer than three weeks you set up unrealistic expectations to make sure you look extra fantastic upon their return.  In my instance I have already scheduled a three-hour tinfoil hair appointment, bought new running capris and ate a 350 calorie dinner.

Although long distance is lonely and challenging, times apart allow couples to go back to the basics.  It’s in these times that we remember ourselves, take time to teach ourselves, and reflect on what we love most about one another.

So cheers to the next four weeks and may I begin my Mental Deployment Training with the right outlook, goals and beach body plan!

– Act Now. Cry Later.


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