The origin of jewelry began with the African people and their use of seashells and beads.  Fast forward 70,000 years and sea sells became replaced by copper and shortly thereafter gold.  For centuries jewelry has symbolized all sorts of things from fertility to love to social status.  Today jewelry continues to represent those things except for the three functional pieces of jewelry; dog tags, watches and medical bracelets.

For whatever reason before Zach left for his first deployment he suggested to buy me a piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co..  As I gleefully walked around Tiffany’s I tried to play it cool, calm and collected, but inside I was ecstatic.  I picked out a heart-shaped ring that looked similar to a ribbon with an accent diamond.  This gift served as a commitment to our relationship and a gesture that he wanted to provide me with a tangible token to look at everyday while he was gone.

I too decided to give Zach a physical token for his last deployment, which was an additional set of dog tags for him to wear with his functional jewelry.

So here we are on the cusp of deployment number two and I want the both of us to have a new physical reminder to serve as a pick me up whenever we’re having a moment of sadness, doubt, or loneliness.  Neither of us have finalized what these items will be, but one thing is for sure these tokens will represent love.


– Act Now. Cry Later.